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Title: Historical Applications—Introduction

Action: Begin with the following quote by J. de Morinni, a Major of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, on screen left and a picture representing trench warfare in World War 1 on upperscreen right:

There has been a tendency to concentrate exclusively on a knowledge of trench warfare and of such work as constitutes daily trench routine. Ignorance of the eternal principles of tactics in open warfare has resulted in heavy losses of life…and for such ignorance a heavy responsibility rests with those—usually junior officers—who considered a study of tactics unnecessary to their work in this war.

Voice: In the introduction to General Foch’s book, “The Principles of War,”…

Action: Show second picture of trench warfare in World War 1 above the first.

Voice: …de Morinni reflected on the perils of concentrating on the methods of trench warfare during the First World War.

Action: Replace picture with a graphic of a map of the middle East labeled “The Gulf War.”

Voice: Air and space forces can more readily achieve surprise due to their range, speed, flexibility and versatility. Air and space forces can also enhance and empower surface forces to achieve overwhelming surprise.

Action: Replace picture with a war picture with the following caption:

Chemical warfare attack in World War 1

Voice: The rapid global reach of airpower allows surface forces to reach foreign destinations quickly and seize the initiative through surprise.

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