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Title: Maneuver

Action: Begin with text 3, a quote by Billy Mitchell, near screen bottom and text 1 to screen left.

Text 1

JP 3-0 Joint Perspective:

Text 2

AFDD-1 Airman’s Perspective:

Text 3

The air covers everything and wherever there is air, aircraft can go.

Voice: Maneuver is normally viewed in relation to the enemy’s fielded forces. The goal of maneuver is to gain a positional advantage from which to deliver fires.

Action: Show first three bullet points of text 2.

Voice: The flexibility and versatility of air and space forces allow the simultaneous application of mass and maneuver to strike strategic or operational centers of gravity anytime, anywhere, and from any direction.

Action: Add last bullet point of text 2.

Voice: This forces the enemy to defend everywhere, all of the time.

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