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Title: Stealth and Precision

Action: The background graphic is of a generic foreign city under attack in World War 2. The graphic has the following caption:

World War II:

Voice: Our capabilities in stealth and precision have steadily progressed. In World War Two, large numbers of aircraft had to concentrate in a single area to produce any effect. This was mass in the traditional sense.

Action: The background changes to a generic foreign city under attack in Vietnam. The graphic has the following caption:


Voice: In Vietnam, improvements in precision were made but it still required a large number of aircraft to destroy one target.

Action: The background changes to a generic foreign city under attack in Desert Storm. The graphic has the following caption:

Desert Storm:

Voice: In Desert Strom, stealth was added and for the first time, mass was redefined. You could now achieve desired effects on multiple targets without large numbers of aircraft.

Action: The background changes to a generic foreign city under attack in IRAQI FREEDOM. The graphic has the following caption:


Voice: Recent operations such as Iraqi Freedom demonstrated how stealth and precision guided munitions coupled with advances in command and control can put any target in an entire country at risk within minutes.

Action: The background is removed. Two pictures are added on the right side of the screen to show the effects of a bombing. The first three of the following bullet points are shown on screen upper left:

Principles of War:

Voice: Modern air and space operations give the principles of objective, mass, and economy of force a whole new meaning. The effect of one, two-thousand pound bomb down the airshaft of a command and control bunker could only be dreamed of in the days when massive bomber formations conducted so-called “high altitude daylight precision bombing.”

Action: The next four bullet points are shown in support of the following narration.

Voice: Requiring fewer aircraft for a given effect means simpler plans and operations as well as limiting our exposure to risk, a primary concept in the principle of security. Stealth also enhances security, makes surprise almost inevitable, and allows unfettered maneuver over, around, or through enemy defenses. It’s important to note that while technology has improved, the basic principles of waging war have remained the same.

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