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Title: Desert Storm

Action: In the background is a collage of images representing the Vietnam War. Periodically, graphics are added to screen right, one after the other, to support the narration. The header of text 1 is shown.

Text 1

Stealth and Precision

Text 2

Principles of War

Voice: During Desert Storm, two technologies, stealth and precision guided munitions, had a significant impact on military operations.

Action: The bullet points of text 1 are shown as mentioned in the following narration.

Voice: The Joint Force Commander was able to strike an entire set of operational and strategic targets, a task that was heretofore technically impractical. For the first time, U.S. armed forces were able to use the concept of parallel warfare, thereby eliminating the need for sequential attacks. The F-117s were able to go after any target deemed necessary, to include communication nodes, electrical grids, command and control centers, and transportation systems. The Joint Force Commander was able to target for effect, choose the decisive system, and inflict the desired destruction or damage.

Action: Text 1 is removed and text 2 is shown in its place. The picture on the right continues to change to support the narration.

Voice: In one way or another, every principle of war is embodied in stealth and precision strike capabilities. Most significant are the principles of objective, mass, economy of force, and security. By striking deep and completely avoiding the well-entrenched ground forces, the F-117s shaped the battlefield in a way that may never be fully appreciated.

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