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Title: Air Force IO Organizations

Action: Present shields for each organization as it is mentioned in the narration, also show each with the following pop up text:

Air Intelligence Agency
  • Single agency for Air Force wide intelligence roles and functions
  • Provides full-spectrum information operations products, applications, services and resources
  • Provides intelligence expertise in the areas of C2 protection, security, acquisition, foreign weapons systems and technology, and treaty monitoring.
  • Air Force Information Warfare Center
  • Mission: Develop, maintain and deploy information warfare/command and control warfare capabilities
  • Serves as the time sensitive, single focal point for intelligence data and C2W service
  • Provides technical expertise for computer and communications security
  • Focal point for tactical deception and operations security training
  • Organizes, trains, equips and deploys teams; develops and maintains C2W databases and applications
  • Performs vulnerability analysis of electronic systems
  • Protects command and control against adversary attacks
  • IW Battle Lab
  • Investigate initiatives to achieve revolutionary solutions
  • Demonstrate and determine value of off-the-shelf technology for military applications
  • Influence development of doctrine for the evolving Air Force mission
  • 39th Information Operations Squadron
  • Located at Hurlburt
  • Air Force’s IW schoolhouse
  • Voice: Let’s take a brief look at how the Air Force organizes itself to conduct IO. At the Service level is the Air Intelligence Agency, or AIA. AIA is the single agency for the performance of Air Force wide intelligence roles and functions. AIA provides full-spectrum IO support through reachback to Air Force major commands, Air Force components and national decision-makers. A major organization within AIA is the Air Force Information Warfare Center, or AFIWC. AFIWC’s mission is to develop, maintain and deploy information warfare capabilities in support of operations, campaign planning, acquisition and testing. AFIWC has organized itself into many units to perform its mission including the Air Force Information Warfare Battlelab. The purpose of the Air Force battlelabs is to identify off-the-shelf technology that could provide new military capabilities and demonstrate those capabilities for possible adoption by the war-fighting organizations. AFIWC also owns the Air Force’s IW schoolhouse. The 39th Information Operations Squadron at Hurlburt conducts the formal training for all of the Air Force’s IW warriors. You may review the pop-up information for these organizations by placing your cursor over its shield.

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