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Title: Air Force Space Organization

Action: Present the shields for USSTRATCOM and SPACEAF along with the following pop-up text:

Space Air Force (SPACEAF)
  • Launches ALL military satellites
  • Tracks all satellites and other orbiting objects
  • Controls most military satellites
  • Operates ground- and space-based missile warning systems
  • Provides space information to Air Force warfighters
  • Voice: Space Air Force is the Air Force service component of the combatant command, USSTRATCOM. Space Air Force performs the Air Force’s warfighting space operations within the operational branch of the chain of command. These operations include space lift, on-orbit satellite control, global ballistic missile warning, and space control operations.

    Action: Add the AFSPC shield along with the 14th AF shields and connect the 14th and SPACEAF with a double headed arrow.

    14th Air Force
  • A numbered air force within AF Space Command
  • Performs the organize, train, equip, etc. functions for Space Air Force
  • Space Warfare Center integrates space systems into the operational Air Force and explores and tests new ways to use space systems to support warfighters
  • Voice: Within the administrative branch of the chain of command, 14th Air Force falls under the MAJCOM, Air Force Space Command. Fourteenth Air Force is responsible for the organize, train, and equip functions in support of Air Force space operations. In actuality, the Space Air Forces Commander and 14th Air Force Commander are the same person and both organizations are matrixed together.

    Action: Present the shields of the subordinate units, and provide pop-up text for each unit:

  • 21st SW Peterson AFB
  • 30th SW Vandenberg AFB
  • 45th SW Patrick AFB
  • 50th SW Schriever AFB
  • 460 ABW Buckley AFB
  • 614 SOPG Vandenberg AFB
  • Voice: Fourteenth Air Force has a number of subordinate units which execute space missions under the authority of Space Air Force. You may roll your cursor over a unit to see more information about its operations.

    21st Space Wing – Peterson AFB, CO:
    Provides warning of strategic and theater ballistic missile attacks and foreign space launches Conducts space surveillance in support of space control mission
    30th Space Wing, Vandenberg AFB, CA:
  • Operates the Western Missile Range
  • Tests DOD space and missile systems including Force Development and Evaluation of all ICBMs
  • Performs west coast space lift function—only facility to launch polar orbit payloads
  • 45th Space Wing, Patrick AFB, FL:
  • East coast space lift functions—does heavy lift to geosynchronous orbit
  • Space Shuttle launch support
  • 50th Space Wing, Schriever AFB, CO:
  • Operates Air Force Satellite Control Network
  • Provides command, control, and on-orbit operations support to DOD and allied satellites
  • Systems include DSP, GPS, DSCS, and Milstar as well as several NATO constellations
  • 460th Air Base Wing, Buckley AFB, CO:
  • Operates Buckley AFB and supports its many tenant units
  • 614th SOPG, Vandenberg AFB, CA
    Operates the SPACEAF Aerospace Operations Center (AOC)

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