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Title: AOC Space & Info Ops

Action: A graphic will build to graphically represent the narration:

Voice: Within a joint force, there will always be a Commander of Air Force Forces or COMAFFOR designated. He will establish an air operations center or AOC to help him perform his responsibilities. The AOC may become a JAOC if the COMAFFOR is designated the JFACC. The baseline AOC has five divisions, four of which mirror those in SPACEAFís aerospace operations center, plus an air mobility division. There are various functions that the AOC performs that actually cut across the 5 divisions, two of which are space and information operations. In the case of IO, we saw earlier that an IW Flight will deploy into an air operations center. Itís 26-29 people will actually man positions across the AOCís five divisions. Itís their job to ensure that information operations are properly integrated or coordinated with their divisionsí functions. In the case of space support, the core AOC team has members in each division who are trained in space support issues. They rely heavily on their counterparts in the SPACEAF AOC for the space support needed by theater operations.

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