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Title: Introduction

Action: Various images that show the integration of Air and Space power are displayed along with a graphic that looks like a 3-D Venn Diagram labeled Air, Space, and Information. This illustrates that these functions are interwoven, and the following caption is shown under the graphic:

Air and Space Power—The synergistic application of air, space, and information systems to project global strategic military power

Action: Various images that show the functionality and life cycle of a JDAM are displayed consecutively across the screen when the JDAM is mentioned in the narration. Towards the end of the narration, the screen goes back to the beginning graphic.

Voice: Air Force doctrine tells us that air and space power is the synergistic application of three systems: air, space, and information. The overlap is such that it’s often difficult to decide whether a particular operation should be categorized as air or space or information. Consider the employment of one our newer smart weapons, the Joint Direct Attack Munition or JDAM. The first step is to identify the target and determine its precise location. This is an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance activity which is part of information operations but the data used will often be collected by space systems. The delivery aircraft uses precision navigation and positioning to arrive at its release point and initialize the bomb’s guidance. This is also an information operation supported by space systems. The bomb itself uses Global Positioning Satellites, a space system, for its terminal guidance. Post-strike data will be collected by space systems and turned into information by ISR information operations. Thus, what might at first glance appear to be an airpower mission, is really the fusion of air, space, and information operations. This lesson takes a closer look at the role of space and information operations in providing air and space power.

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