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Title: IW Flights

Action: Present the student with a map that shows various MAJCOM headquarters, replace this graphic with one that shows the various responsibilities of IW Flights, and finally present a diagram which shows the how IW Flight representatives fit in the joint IO cell:

Voice: IW flights are deployable units that can provide full OCI and DCI planning capability for a NAF-level combat entity. Nine IW flights are currently assigned to the NAF and MAJCOM headquarters shown on the screen. The 26-29 personnel of the IW flight have expertise covering the full gamut of information operations. During peacetime, they would provide support to the deliberate planning process as well as the training function. During contingencies, an IW flight can deploy and operate out of the air operations center in support of the Commander of Air Force Forces who would often be dual-hatted as the JFACC. Their expertise would be used to integrate IO operations into the air campaign. The IW flight would also send representatives to the joint IO cell to ensure Air Force assets are properly utilized within theater-level IO operations.

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