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Title: NAF-level IO Organizations

Action: The screen begins with a chart that ahows the organization of the NAF-level IO to show how each respective squadron supports IO. Also, present the following bullet list:

Voice: The numbered air force, or NAF, is the senior war-fighting echelon in the Air Force. The 8th AF is the lead NAF for conducting Air Force IO. Its 70th Intelligence Wing collects, analyzes and reports current information needed to support IO. The 67th Information Operations Wing is responsible for executing information operations missions. Of particular note, the 67th IOW operates the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team or AFCERT. You’ll remember the AFCERT along with the Air Force network operations center are the Air Force level organizations charged with providing network ISvs. Other NAFs have IO assets. In particular, they field several IW flights. The IW flight is the most fundamental Air Force IW unit and we’ll look at it next.

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