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Title: Quiz

Voice: Here are a few questions to test your knowledge of the previous lesson material. These questions are for your self-assessment only and are not recorded. Read each choice carefully, then click on the link to check your answers. At the end of each question is a link to the relevant lesson page for that question. To get back to this quiz page, use your browser back feature (ALT + Left Arrow in IBM’s Home Page Reader). The next and back buttons on each page will only take you sequentially through the lesson pages.

Question 1: According to AFDD 2-5, Information Operations, “IIW involves the Air Force’s extensive capability to provide global awareness through the range of military operations....” The ability to observe the overall battlespace, analyze events, and maintain awareness is important to...

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Relevant lesson page: Information Superiority

Question 2: In Desert Storm, MH-53 Pave Low helicopters, equipped with GPS lead Apache helicopters through the desert to locate and destroy enemy early-warning radar sites, (an IW physical attack). This is an example of the importance of...

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Relevant lesson page: Information-in-Warfare: Precision Navigation and Positioning

Question 3: The use of space power in military operations offers many advantages, among which are space enhancement operations, such as...

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Relevant lesson page: Space Force Enhancement

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