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Action: Begin with with a wiring diagram that is headed by the COMSPACEAF, followed by the Aerospace Operations Center Director/Dep. Director. These are are followed by a strategy division, combat plans division, combat ops division, and an ISR division:

Voice: Space Air Force operates an Aerospace Operations Center at Vandenberg AFB. Its Strategy, Combat Plans, Combat Ops, and ISR divisions support the planning and execution of space operations.

Action: Present the following bulleted list below the strategy division:

  • Deliberate planning
  • Ops assessments
  • Space order of battle
  • Center of gravity analysis
  • Voice: The strategy division supports the development of strategic plans during deliberate planning and ops assessments during crises.

    Action: Present the following bulleted list representing combat plans:

  • Master Aerospace Attack Plan (MAAP) development
  • Space Tasking Order (STO) production
  • ATO special instructions
  • Voice: Combat plans supports the development of the Master Aerospace Attack Plan as well as the daily Space Tasking Order.

    Action: Present the bulleted list representing Combat Ops:

  • Execute STO
  • Action: Present the bulleted list representing ISR:

  • Supports generation and execution of STO with all-source intel
  • Assesses adversary space reliance and capabilities
  • Voice: Combat Ops executes the STO, while the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance division supports planning and execution.

    Action: Present a box labeled Specialty Teams in the upper right hand corner of the screen connected to each division via arrows:

    Specialty Teams

    Voice: Specialty teams provide the divisions functional expertise as required. The organization of the aerospace operations center reflects that found in a theater air operations center. This makes reachback from the theater AOC divisions to the SPACEAF AOC relatively easy. As we’ll see, the Aerospace Operations Center is a valuable asset to theater warfighters.

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