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Title: Space Operations

Action: Present a flash movie that ends with the following quote by Gen Lyles:

...as we showed and proved during DESERT STORM, and proved again during the air campaign over the Balkans, space is an integral part of everything we do to accomplish our mission. Today, the ultimate high ground is space.
General Lester P. Lyles

Voice: The military, civil, and commercial uses of space have mushroomed since the first satellites were orbited. Indeed, the proliferation of space technology provides commonplace access to militarily significant capabilities. While this proliferation is worrisome, the dependence of the US military, civil and commercial sectors on space-based capabilities is a potential vulnerability. The military use of space is a significant force multiplier when integrated into joint operations and a critical enabler of many warfare areas. Our look at information operations has given us a glimpse of the importance of space operations Ė letís take a closer look.

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