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Title: Summary

Action: A flash movie is built from images that summarize the different themes in this lesson, in an effort to reinforce the key points:

Voice: We hope this lesson has convinced you that air and space power isn’t just about airpower. Sure, airplanes put bombs on target, but knowing what to target, knowing where the target is, and being able to get there precisely involves space and information operations. Information operations are structured to gain and exploit information through information-in-warfare activities; defend our systems from attack and exploitation through defensive counterinformation; and to attack our adversary’s information and systems through offensive counterinformation. All of these activities rely upon an information infrastructure provided by information services. Many of the services provided by information ops rely upon the ultimate high ground—space. We looked at space missions, especially that of space force enhancement. Given the critical importance of information and space operations to air and space power, both have been integrated into the air operations center. Modern air and space power truly is a synergy of air, space, and information.

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