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Title: Theater Space Support

Action: A graphic will build incrementally to show the relationship between the USSTRATCOM and the Theater Combatant Commander:

Voice: Many operations plans and operations orders designate that USSTRATCOM will support a theater commander. USSTRATCOM exercises command and control of the space service components through its Space Operations Center. The usual support agreement establishes direct liaison authorized, DIRLAUTH, between the space service components and the elements of the supported commanderís joint force. Under DIRLAUTH, all taskings must still flow through the formal chains of command. For the Air Force, the preferred interaction is with the JFACC through the Joint Air Operations Center. Manning for a baseline air operations center includes space support specialists trained to interact with their counterparts in the SPACEAF Aerospace Operations Center. In the event a JFACC is not designated, SPACEAF would liaison with the joint force commanderís operations staff.

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