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Title: Three Levels of Doctrine

Action: An organizational chart is shown with three tiers; the top tier is “Basic Doctrine,” branching down from it is “Operational Level Doctrine,” and branching from it are several boxes collecively representing “Tactical Level Doctrine.”

Voice: The Air Force develops doctrine at three levels; basic, operational and tactical. Basic doctrine includes fundamental principles, while operational doctrine includes concepts of organization, support, and acquisition, with tactical doctrine describing tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Action: The words “(AFDD 1),” “(AFDD 2-Series),” and “(AFDD 3-Series Documents)” are added under the titles “Basic Doctrine,” “Operational Level Doctrine,” and “Tactical Level Doctrine,” respectively.

Voice: There are specific documents that guide the employment of air and space forces at each level. These documents are consistent with and complement joint publications. Likewise, they conform to and support strategic planning documents.

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