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Title: Effective Linkage

Action: Screen begins with a graphic representing the link between National Security Strategy, National Military Strategy, and Joint Strategy. A separate link labeled “Doctrine” is shown screen right and a double-headed arrow is shown between the three linked “Strategies” and the unlinked “Doctrine.”

Voice: The outcome of Operation Eldorado Canyon demonstrates the effects of properly linking sound doctrine to executable national, military, and joint air strategies. The military strategy had clearly defined objectives that directly supported national security objectives. The air operation was conducted according to basic doctrinal principles and following guidelines of published Air Force doctrine. The result was a successful military air operation that produced the effects sought by national leadership.

Action: The graphic representing the link between doctrine and strategy from the Introduction is shown center screen. The following header and footer are shown above and below the link, respectively:

Proper link between…

…results in the effective employment of air and space forces

Voice: In this example, the proper link between doctrine and strategy resulted in the effective employment of air and space forces.

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