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Title: Full Spectrum Dominance

Action: The footer of the following text is showing:

Joint Vision 20 20 extends the conceptual framework for military operations found in Joint Vision 20 10

Voice: Joint Vision Twenty-Twenty builds upon and extends the conceptual template established by Joint Vision Twenty Ten. Joint Vision 20 10 introduced a new conceptual framework for military operations.

Action: The bullet points from above are shown when mentioned in the narration as pieces of a large 3-dimensional arrow. The first bullet point is the top part of the arrow, the second is the upper middle part, the third is the bottom part, and the fourth is the lower middle. The fifth and sixth together make up the base of the arrow, and the seventh pbullet point is the tip of the arrow.

Voice: The new concepts were dominant maneuver, precision engagement, full-dimensional protection, and focused logistics. Bound together by information superiority and innovation these concepts remain valid, and enable joint and coalition forces to dominate the full spectrum of military operations.

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