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Title: Joint Vision 2020

Action: The screen begins with the ending graphic from Strategy Hierarchy on the left, showing the link from National Security Strategy to National Military Strategy, and from National Military Strategy to Vision Statements/Operational Concepts. The cover of Joint Vision 20 20 and a link to it are shown on the right side of the screen when mentioned in the narration.

Voice: While not actual strategy, joint and service visions provide statements of how forces will prepare to meet future challenges. As mentioned earlier, joint and service visions are derived in support of the National Military Strategy. The current joint vision statement issued by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is called Joint Vision Twenty-Twenty.

Action: The following bullet points and quote replace the graphic on the left of the screen as mentioned in the narration:

Voice: It provides guidance and direction to the armed services for preparing for the challenges of the 21st century. JV 20 20 states that the overall objective of the continuing transformation in America’s Armed Forces, is the creation of a force that is dominant across the full spectrum of military operations.

Link to Joint Vision 20 20 (opens acrobat pdf in new window): Joint Vision 20 20

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