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Title: Linebacker II

Action: The background is a picture of a plane taking off. The following caption is showing at the bottom of the picture:

B-52s depart Anderson Air Force Base on Linebacker 2 mission

Action: The following bullet points are shown center screen when mentioned in the narration:

Voice: Comparing the Rolling Thunder campaign to the later Linebacker Two Operation reveals a marked contrast in the effectiveness of the two bombing campaigns. During Linebacker II, many of the policy constraints were lifted allowing for greater military influence upon the military strategy. Consequently, Linebacker II achieved many of its military objectives, which resulted in a realization of policy goals as well. In spite of deficiencies in the doctrine of the time, Linebacker II was more firmly rooted in best practices than had been Rolling Thunder. The Linebacker II and Rolling Thunder Operations demonstrate the consequences of not having a sound doctrine in executing military strategy. The Air Force doctrine manual of 1964 had no references to the principles of war, and the Rolling Thunder Operation reflected a lack of these guiding principles. The lack of doctrine also seems to have played a significant role in producing an unsound and unachievable strategy. It was not until 1975 that conventional warfare gained any significant attention in Air Force doctrine, and the principles of war were once more included in the doctrine manual.

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