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Title: National Military Strategy

Action: The American flag is shown in the background. The cover of the National Military Strategy of the United States of America is shown screen right, along with a link to it in the bottom right corner of the page. The first of the following bullet points is showing:

Voice: Developed from the national security strategy, the national military strategy reflects and supports the policies and visions of America’s leaders. The current version of national military strategy is entitled Shape, Respond, Prepare Now: A Military Strategy For A New Era.

Action: The second bullet point and sub-bullet points from above are shown.

Voice: It identifies two national military objectives: to promote peace and stability; and, when necessary, to defeat adversaries. Generally, a new National Military Strategy is developed following a major revision of the National Security Strategy.

Link to NMS (opens acrobat pdf in new window): Shape, Respond, Prepare Now

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