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Title: Summary

Action: The background shows the links between National Objectives, National Strategies, Military Strategies, Air Force Vision and Air & Space Doctrine. Under each of those topics is a faded version of its corresponding document.

Voice: This lesson looked at war as one means of reaching national policy objectives. Victory in war is not measured in casualties inflicted, battles won or lost, or in territory occupied, but by whether or not the political objectives were achieved. The overarching objective of any military action is the support of national political objectives.

Action: The Doctrine-Strategy link from the Introduction replaces the graphic.

Voice: When considering the employment of military forces, one must be aware of the dynamic relationship between doctrine and strategy. Effective and ineffective strategies produce lessons learned that should then be incorporated into doctrine as either best practices or practices to avoid. Doctrine then becomes the repository of those lessons learned to guide and shape future strategies.

Action: The ending graphic from the Forces of Change replaces the graphic, without the quote.

Voice: Compounding the dynamics of the doctrine strategy relationship are outside actors and factors that shape and influence both strategy and doctrine in unique ways.

Action: The ending graphic from Effective Linkage replaces the graphic, with the statement saying that the proper link between Doctrine and Strategy results in the effective employment of air and space forces.

Voice: The effective employment of air and space forces must consider the proper relationship of strategy to doctrinal guidance.

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