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Title: Air Force Vision

Action: The Earth as seen from space and the Air Force symbol is showing in the background. The cover of America’s Air Force Vision 20 20: Global Vigilance, Reach and Power and a link to it are showing on the right side of the screen.

Voice: Each service has its own road map as to how it will support and embody the directions contained in higher-level strategic documents. The Air Force’s vision is detailed in Air Force Vision 2020: Global Vigilance, Reach and Power.

Action: The following header and quote from the book are shown on the left of the screen:

Air Force Mission Statement:

To defend the United States and protect its interests through aerospace power.

Voice: This document outlines the mission statement of today’s Air Force, “To defend the United States and protect its interests through aerospace power.”

Action: The text is removed and replaced by the following header and bullet points on the left of the screen as mentioned in the narration:

Global Vigilance includes a discussion of:

Voice: Included in Air Force Vision twenty twenty is a discussion of the foundation of the Air Force—its people and core values, the domain in which the Air Force operates, the method of employing as an Expeditionary Air and Space Force, the building blocks of the Air Force—its distinctive capabilities, the approach for the future—innovation and adaptation, and our commitment toward these future innovations—keeping the trust.

Link to Air Force Vision 20 20 (opens acrobat pdf in new window): Global Vigilance, Reach and Power

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