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Lesson Index: [ Introduction | Lesson Objective | Overview | Air and Space Power Characteristics | The Seven Tenets | Centralized Control and Decentralized Execution | Applying the Tenet | Example: North Africa | Example: Battle of Britain | Flexibility and Versatility | Example: Multi-role Employment | Example: Parallel Operations | Priority | Example: Yom Kippur War | Synergistic Effects | Example: Operation ENDURING FREEDOM | WWII-Control the Air | Persistence | Example: Huels Synthetic Rubber Plant | Example: Operation DESERT STORM | Concentration | Example: Battle of Britain | Example: Deliberate Force | Balance | Example: Yom Kippur War | Summary | Quiz ]

Title: The Seven Tenets

Action: The screen begins with the old AF logo:

Voice: Since the early days of powered flight, airmen have theorized about air and space power and its employment in warfare.

Action: Add the following aircraft WWI style planes in the upper right corner, WWII aircraft on the upper left side of the screen, a F-4 on the bottom left, and a B-2 opposite the F-4, these images show how the tenets have evolved over time just like the equipment that helps execute them. Also, when mentioned add a link to AFDD-1.

Link to AFDD-1(opens acrobat pdf in new window): AFDD-1 pg 21 (29 of 96)

Voice: Though living in different times, existing in different places, and facing different circumstances, airmen have recognized certain truths about air and space power which appear to be generally timeless and overarching. These truths have been validated by the decades of experience since World War I. We refer to these truths as tenets. As addressed in AFDD One, the tenets of air and space power are:

Action: Present the following list of tenets as each is mentioned:

Centralized control & Decentralized Execution, Flexibility & Versatility, Priority, Synergistic Effects, Persistence, Concentration, and Balance

Voice: centralized control and decentralized execution, flexibility and versatility, priority, synergistic effects, persistence, concentration, and balance. Thoroughly comprehending each tenet enhances an airmanís overall understanding of the employment of air and space power.

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