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Title: Air and Space Power Characteristics

Action: The screen begins with two F-15's flying in formation:

Voice: Air and Space power operates in three dimensions, thus enjoying a qualitatively superior form of freedom of maneuver to that of surface forces.

Action: A graphic is displayed that demonstrates the advantages air power has over surface forces, the graphic will begin withan F-15 and to gids which slant into the back/middle portion of the screen. show an arrow pointing down labeled speed, next show an arrow beginning at the bottom of the screen and angling up towards the plane labeled range, next show a loop from the bottom right corner to the upper left corner labeled maneuverability, and finally show an arrow going up with labeled elevation.

Voice: This freedom of operation in the air and space environment allows exploitation of speed, range, maneuverability, and elevation to a greater degree than that afforded by surface forces.

Action: Show a collage with a B-52 as the centerpiece, also show images of a B-1, a F-16 locked and loaded, and two more F-16s flying in formation. Highlight each of these in the following sequence: the F-16 when "...over great distances..." is spoken, next highlight the B-1 at "...move in any direction..." and finally the dual F-16s when "...enjoy multi-dimensional..." is heard:

Voice: Unimpeded by natural barriers encountered on land and water masses, air and space forces can rapidly conduct operations over great distances, move in any direction, and enjoy multi-dimensional maneuvering.

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