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Title: Example: Battle of Britain

Action: Begin the screen with WWII style bombers, and show the communications people and planners in order to illustrate centralized control and decentralized execution. Also present the bullet list in support of the narration when structure is mentioned:

Command and Control System

Voice: The Battle of Britain during World War Two is a fine, early example of the proper use of centralized control and decentralized execution. The RAF’s command and control structure gave commanders at every level sufficient information and authority to make decisions and implement them. The structure was simple, secure, and based on the principle of unity of command.

Action: Continue to show WWII graphics, and present a picture of a lookout using binoculars to illustrate the importance of the radar and Royal Observer Corps. Present the following bullets when mentioned below:

Centralized Control

Voice: At every level, from group through sector to wing and squadron, each commander knew which part of the Luftwaffe’s attack was his responsibility. As an attack approached, information from radar and the Royal Observer Corps allowed fighter command to develop, at the appropriate level, a broad plan of action.

Action: Show more wartime pictures and finish with an image of a downed German plane, to emphasize the narration, also show the following bullet list as the bullets are mentioned:

Decentralized Execution

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