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Lesson Index: [ Introduction | Lesson Objective | Overview | Air and Space Power Characteristics | The Seven Tenets | Centralized Control and Decentralized Execution | Applying the Tenet | Example: North Africa | Example: Battle of Britain | Flexibility and Versatility | Example: Multi-role Employment | Example: Parallel Operations | Priority | Example: Yom Kippur War | Synergistic Effects | Example: Operation ENDURING FREEDOM | WWII-Control the Air | Persistence | Example: Huels Synthetic Rubber Plant | Example: Operation DESERT STORM | Concentration | Example: Battle of Britain | Example: Deliberate Force | Balance | Example: Yom Kippur War | Summary | Quiz ]

Title: Flexibility and Versatility

Action: The page will rotate images of a C-130, B-52, A-10, and WWII style airplane to illustrate the flexible use of airpower. Also show the following list and link each to AFDD-1:

Flexibility: Allows air and space operations to shift from one campaign objective to another, quickly and decisively

Link to AFDD-1(opens acrobat pdf in new window): AFDD-1 pg 23 (31 of 96)

Versatility: Enables air and space forces to be employed effectively at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of warfare

Link to AFDD-1(opens acrobat pdf in new window): AFDD-1 pg 24 (32 of 96)

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