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Title: Example: Yom Kippur War

Action: Begin with a map of Isreal, and the surrounding nations i.e. Egypt, Syria, ,Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. Present red arrows to show where the Egyptians and Syrians struck Isreal on its eatern and western borders. This example shows how the Israeli prioirties ahifted from the Sinai Peninsula, to the Golan Heights. Alternate between the two bullets below when the priorities change

Priorities shifted with battle:

Voice: The tenet of priority was properly utilized by the Israeli Air Force during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. On six October, Syrian and Egyptian forces simultaneously struck against Israeli frontiers. Egyptian forces crossed the Suez Canal and moved into the Sinai Peninsula while, to the northeast, Syrian troops overran Israeli-occupied positions in the Golan Heights. After initial Arab successes, the Israeli Defense Forces held their ground and by ten October counterattacked. The Israelis constantly shifted air and space power from the Sinai front to the Golan Heights front. The Israelis were able to successfully make those shifts, daily, to accomplish the highest priority objectives.

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