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Lesson Index: [ Introduction | Lesson Objective | Overview | Air and Space Power Characteristics | The Seven Tenets | Centralized Control and Decentralized Execution | Applying the Tenet | Example: North Africa | Example: Battle of Britain | Flexibility and Versatility | Example: Multi-role Employment | Example: Parallel Operations | Priority | Example: Yom Kippur War | Synergistic Effects | Example: Operation ENDURING FREEDOM | WWII-Control the Air | Persistence | Example: Huels Synthetic Rubber Plant | Example: Operation DESERT STORM | Concentration | Example: Battle of Britain | Example: Deliberate Force | Balance | Example: Yom Kippur War | Summary | Quiz ]

Title: Overview

Action: The screen begins with an image of the earth and a GPS satellite overhead, present the following bullet list as mentioned below:

Voice: To help you understand the tenets of air and space power, this lesson will first briefly examine the advantages of air and space forces over surface forces. Then, it will present an in depth description of each of the seven tenets. Since the tenets of air and space power reflect the lessons of air and space operations over the history of powered flight, the lesson will also provide historical examples of the application of each tenet.

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