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Title: Priority

Action: Begin with a background collage that shows many aircraft on alert and ready to be deployed, also add the following text when mentioned by the narrator:

Commanders must:
Prioritize objectives in order to maximize te impact of air and space power operations

Voice: In spite of the fact that air and space power is flexible and versatile, there are seldom enough resources to satisfy all requirements at once. Therefore, commanders must prioritize objectives in order to maximize the impact of air and space power operations. The tenet of priority is the next topic you will examine. Priorities for the effective use of air and space forces begin with the overall campaign objectives as established by the Joint Force Commander or JFC.

Action: Remove the previous text and show a flowchart to demonstrate how priorities are developed from the JFC,to the Overall Campaign Objectives,to the JFACC, to the Air Objectives, and finally to the Prioritized Air Operations.

Voice: Then, the JFC assigns specific objectives to individual component commanders. The Joint Force Air Component Commander, or JFACC, then takes the JFC-assigned objectives and translates and prioritizes them into air objectives.

Action: Show the following text block:

Air and space forces must be applied where they can make the greatest contribution to the most critical JFC requirements.

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