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Title: Quiz

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Question 1: Traditionally employed as a strategic space resource for warning of intercontinental ballistic missile attacks, during the Gulf War the Defense Support Program or DSP was employed at the operational and tactical levels to warn of SCUD missile attacks. DSP was also used to augment the PATRIOT Air Defense battery radar in tracking and intercepting incoming SCUD missiles. Employment of the DSP in the Gulf War embodies which of the following Tenets of Aerospace Power?

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Question 2: The statement "limited resources require that air and space forces be applied where they can make the greatest contribution to the most critical JFC requirements" implies the use of which tenet of aerospace power?

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Question 3: Although the first aircraft entered the military inventory in 1907, it was 40 years before an independent air force was created. Years of wartime experience led military leaders to recognize thatů

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