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Lesson Index: [ Introduction | Lesson Objective | Overview | Air and Space Power Characteristics | The Seven Tenets | Centralized Control and Decentralized Execution | Applying the Tenet | Example: North Africa | Example: Battle of Britain | Flexibility and Versatility | Example: Multi-role Employment | Example: Parallel Operations | Priority | Example: Yom Kippur War | Synergistic Effects | Example: Operation ENDURING FREEDOM | WWII-Control the Air | Persistence | Example: Huels Synthetic Rubber Plant | Example: Operation DESERT STORM | Concentration | Example: Battle of Britain | Example: Deliberate Force | Balance | Example: Yom Kippur War | Summary | Quiz ]

Title: Summary

Action: Show various images of air and space power to illustrate the importance of the tenets discussed in this lesson. Fade to a graphic of the seven tenets: Centralized Control/Decentralized Execution, Flexibility and Versatility, Priority, Synergistic Effect, Persistence, Concentration, and Balance:

Voice: The characteristics of air and space power make it fundamentally different from land or sea power. Our doctrine has identified the seven tenets of air and space power as the fundamental truths for its proper employment. This lesson has presented an in-depth description of each tenet and historical examples of their application. It is the duty of all commanders to incorporate the tenets of air and space power into joint operations thus maximizing the effectiveness of not just air and space forces, but surface forces as well. Failure to frame the employment of air and space power within these tenets during a campaign or battle may result in less than optimum combat capability. Though this lesson has presented them individually, the tenets of air and space power are concepts which must be followed simultaneously. When employed separately they only partially contribute to mission effectiveness. It is only when the tenets are followed that air and space forces are able to provide their maximum contribution to attaining national objectives.

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