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Title: Implications of Douhet’s Theory

Action: A picture of Douhet appears screen left. The following list of links to pop-up boxes appears screen right. The text of the pop-up boxes follows:

Implications of Douhet’s Theories:

Organization for War:

In order to bring about victory over the enemy before your own civil morale collapses, you must organize airpower under a separate air force.

Roles of Other Armed Forces:

Other armed forces will only stand on the defensive until the air force offensive has been decisive.

Force Structure:

The army and navy will be structured to achieve economy of force. All the mass possible will be built into the air force.

Technology Requirements:

Only one type of airplane is required—the battle plane. It will be of moderate speed, long range, and heavily armored for self-protection. If escort protection is required, battle planes will be made part of the strike package, armed only with self-defensive weapons. Everything not put into the battle plan is a diversion that weakens the main effort and reduces the probability of success. Battles plane would have a combination of high-explosive, incendiary, and gas bombs to have a synergistic effect.

Voice: Douhet’s ideas regarding the role of airpower contained several implications regarding the use of airpower in the conduct of warfare. A summary of his implications can be viewed by passing your cursor over each of the bullets below.

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